Creative Inspiration: Trauma and Personal Stuff

I find writing a deeply personal expression of my innermost thoughts, and thus I tend to stay away from my personal stuff when I write publicly. I might express distress or trauma by using humour, but when it comes to actually writing about a serious issue like sexual harassment, I tend to avoid current experiences until I have full closure on the incident. This includes disclosure, recognition for my experience, and retribution- like potential charges, mediation, or a genuine apology. If these things have not been reached they do not get shared. I’m ok if I can discuss something that has long ago been resolved in some form. It’s of better use to someone else who might be experiencing the same thing because they can see the resolution I took, and may apply it to their own situation.

I don’t care if the offending party goes blabbing stuff to everyone and everything. I think silence is a virtue, and can also be a useful weapon because the guilty are the ones who tend to talk and talk and go on smear campaigns. When you are quiet you hear and understand things and intentions better. Surprisingly being quiet has kept me safe at times. I quietly acknowledge you’re an asshole with possibly bad intentions, and I move on. I may share a text or actual evidence of said assholery with a trusted friend or individual with some leverage who understands the fuckery of human behavior. Then I move on and let the uproar from the asshole continue.

They keep talking and talking until their fuckery, or karma has said, “enough bitch.”

I do not always find the internet as a useful way to resolve an argument or a major issue. In fact it’s incredibly useful for causing an uproar that spreads like the plague. If you’re going that route make sure you literally have your ducks in a row. It’s a form of sounding the alarm and inviting all sorts of human opinion in on your experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine issues that deserve exposure and don’t get full closure. These are genuine issues that should be discussed. The internet has been proven useful in these cases (like #metoo).

But trust me if you are not ready for genuine creeps who literally have a hard-on for destroying you as a human being (shoutout to #incels) the best thing to do is to share something you know will create a human chain of compassion around your experience. If you know it in your heart to be wrong, and there is a significant evidence pointing to the fact it is wrong, go for it.

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