Ode to the self entitled drivers…

You’re a shitty driver no matter what you think.

Around 6:15pm I was nearly mowed down at an intersection by a driver who completely ignored the stop sign, and buzzed by me in a very aggressive and deliberate manner.

She saw me, and that’s why she kept driving. She was either that deliberate, or daft. She probably knew there was a stop sign, and thought what the hell, this pedestrian is close enough to maintain eye contact with me so I’ll just keep driving.

To the pedestrian this is really aggressive behavior from the driver. They didn’t even stop at the big hexagonal red thingy that says “stop.”

They just kept driving with this big FU attitude and thought it was fair because she glared you down and tried to own your carless ass in the crosswalk.

I gave a rap to the back of the hood of her car as she drove past. No damage done. She didn’t stop. She was well aware she blew through the stop sign and thought she was being bad ass. Was probably surprised I’d bother to knock.

But then she followed me home and yelled at me for touching her car. Ok Karen, are you fishing for a fight? You drive like a fucking moron. Be thankful I wasn’t a large cranked out dude who didn’t freak out on your car and you.

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