And so it begins…

I am starting over in a fairly new place. I hardly know anyone here but I am beginning to know people and learn the lay of the land. I was honestly scared when I first moved- actually terrified – but I am starting to settle in. My family is sort of nearby. I broke up with a boyfriend and flew the coop from Toronto. I have no regrets at this time.

Like many I am working remotely, and waiting for the next wave of Covid to hit, and just trying to weather the storm. I am exploring career/ side gig options while holding on to the job I have.

It’s been a rough year with personal battles. I am not actually sad though. The world is (figuratively) on fire but to be honest I am liking the way things are going for now. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes you really have to shake things up to understand that you are much stronger than you realize.

I’ll be sharing the things I find on this trip.

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